One on one coaching


$149 per month

Program Includes

  • Initial Ketogenic foods list
  • Weekly Review of food logs
  • Unlimited email support for questions and concerns
  • Education to learn more about nutrition
  • Flexible dieting and adjustments made throughout plan
  • Supplementation recommendations
  • No cookie cutter plans!
  • All coaching is done through email
  • Skype is available at an extra cost


What this program is and is not

This is not a quick fix weight loss program. I focus on repairing years of damage done by restrictive and yo yo diets by teaching your body to utilize the right amount of food to get all of its nutrients and energy that it needs to function at its best. 

Quick weight loss is not my goal. Long term weight loss is my goal. You didn't gain the weight quickly and you can't expect to lose it quickly in a safe and healthy manner. 

If you want to lose the weight in a healthy way and keep it off then this is the path for you. If you are looking for a quick and dirty short term solution then this is probably not your path. 

Let me help you learn how to be healthy for life, not for a certain event or date. 

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client testimonials


I am a 53 year old post menopausal female with Hashimotos Thyroiditis. I have been on thyroid supplements for almost 7 years with no change in my energy levels, inflammation, or weight.  I started keto to help decrease the inflammation and with hopes it would give me more energy.  I had  given up on losing the weight.  I lost 20 pounds pretty quickly and started feeling so much better.   I was following Jack thru a FB group and was totally amazed by his 5000 calorie experiment.   I had starved myself for years and was thrilled to actually be able to eat again.  When he started coaching I was ready.  I’ve learned so much from Jack about how to use real food and not just substitute a bunch of chemically laden products.  It wasn’t easy because I was a diet root beer junkie.   With Jacks help I broke a 3 month stall and realized how much better my body runs  on really good high fat, low carb foods.  I’ve learned that I don’t need huge amounts of protein either.  I am now a total gym junkie getting up at 4:20 every morning to be at the gym.   I’ve gone down from a 16 to a size 6 jean and lost almost 40 pounds and numerous inches.
But more importantly I feel amazing.  All thanks to Jack

I forgot to add that endocrinologist took me of my thyroid meds since I’m doing so good!


Jack McAnespy is simply the absolute best in Keto Coaching. His down to earth no nonsense approach is perfect for me in that his confident advice backed by his extensive knowledge of nutrition and the body gives me the confidence I need to undertake this out on a limb way of eating that works so well for me. Without his expert guidance I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the excellent results I have manifested in terms of health improvement and weight loss. He is constantly educating himself on the latest studies and theories of nutrition and the Ketogenic way of eating and has an incredible ability to sift out truth from BS and then present his understanding to us clients in a clear  sciencey manner that we can grasp. I need to know the “why” of things and he is always willing to patiently explain to me complicated the physiological  background to his advice in a non condescending way and never asks me to trust him on blind faith. He is a very honest and totally reliable  straight arrow type of guy that I can trust with my health and life as I undertake this Keto journey. And he does it all with a dry sense of humor that makes it very palatable and never “holier than thou”. Simply the best cutting edge innovative Keto Coach around.

Tony Lambe, San Francisco

Jack has been my coach for several months now I started in June loss has been slow but thanks to Jack's coaching I now realize I have some serious thyroid issues that are being addressed . He has kept me going and I am staying in ketosis even with holidays feasting and he doesn't allow a famine so No starvation allowed . I think when I finally get my thyroid back in order the weight will slide off with his eating plan, Jack thank you for all your hard work


From Fat to healthy. 191 to 127. Keto since Jan 8th 
I Keep it simple. I dont exercise. 
I cook with fat, and drizzle my food with more fat... 
Success is my only option! Learn/read/listen to Jack McAnespy and youll see major success! 

Christina, Payette Idaho


I hit underland today ! 2lbs loss. finally broke the 150 ! 148 yay !! Morning FBS is 68 a tad low but not too low.  Jack McAnespy I could had not got this far without you.. God Bless... Hopefully soon I will be cutting down my 10 units again... I just decreased 4 days ago. I am sooo excited to get off that damn Lantus !! I cannot wait. I just want to quit it now lol But I know that would not be a good idea Medically wise...  :( I'd be poking myself all dang day LOL 

Thanks again Jack !! You're a real Blessing to me.


So I had to share....I started following “Jack’s Way” beginning of August. Had been eating 1400-1600 calories but some days as low as 700-800 (because “I wasn’t hungry”). Had started losing hair, had lost about 26 lbs at this point after starting keto end of April. I was experiencing long stalls of no weight loss. After watching Jack and Erin’s 5,000 calorie experiment and the science behind it, I started eating my TDEE of 2350 calories. I immediately lost maybe 3 or 4 lbs within a week, started getting more energy, just feeling great. But weight loss stopped there. I knew Jack was on to what I needed so I ignored scale completely. I noticed I was starting to really lean out the more I pumped up fats and kept protein 50-60 gm (even though I heavy lift) 

So here is the good news,...I went from 28.3 body fat tested on 8/20 to 23.1% today. Best part is I lost 11.8 lbs of fat and GAINED 3.1 lbs of muscle!!! I’m so stinking proud and excited!!! Eating Jack’s Way, doing stronglifts 5x5 app (heavy lifting) in my garage 3-4x a week and HIIT 2x on treadmill and then power walking neighborhood hills a few days. I am 54 year old female so anyone can do this! #ignoreTheScale


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